🗼WHAT IS “THE TOWER”? — @belleartmovement

🗼WHAT IS “THE TOWER”? — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu

Upright: upheaval, change, awakening, shock. 


Do you ever walk around the city wondering who you are? Do you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the window of a shop down the street and you seem to know that person, it looks familiar, but you get this strange feeling there’s something going on and you have no clue what’s that thing? Do you ever get that gut feeling that you are not being true to yourself but you’re too scared to find out what’s hiding underneath this whole façade that you put up even when you’re on your own? 

I close my eyes and I try picturing myself, how I look, how I talk, what my smell is like, but it’s almost impossible. I can’t remember my features, I need to take a quick glance in the mirror and still, for a split second, I’m looking at myself not knowing how to feel about this stranger that I call myself. 

If I can’t even envision myself, how can I even know what my personality is? Am I, deep down, what I present to the world to be? I think I am more than one person and that depends on the people I’m surrounded by. I can be a ray of sunshine, always listening and laughing more than I need to, or I can be talkative, oversharing experiences, then feeling guilty about it, but at the same time better that somehow the shift of attention is upon me. I wish there was a thing I hated about my body instead of despising my lack of steady personality. 


Reversed: denial, avoidance, fear, reluctance. 

I bet you fear being average too. That’s why everybody wants to have a certain something, thinking that it would make them unique. These people are such fools thinking that material things make them special. I don’t think anybody is truly special. 

I think I’m boring and you are most certainly boring as well, it’s just that for a period of time you seem to be different to someone. Then again, do I seem special to someone? Was I even special for a brief moment in my existence according to someone? Was it my made up personality? People are quite easy to please, you see, there are two categories, but you can’t be in only one of them, you are always in both, just not at the same time. Category one: you want someone to look up to you. Category two: you want someone you can look up to. And that’s how you figure out people. You’re just trying to see who they want you to be for them. Call it manipulation, I call it human interaction. Call it whatever you want, but as I see it, humans have codes, sometimes you can crack them, sometimes you cannot. The most difficult thing is cracking your own code. The social norms have become part of your personality, people you’ve met added to your personality as well, parents shaped you. There are so many layers to you that getting to the rawness of yourself is almost impossible.  

I see people as being The Tower tarot card. In a reading, this cards shows that the person is living an illusion he’s scared to face, that you must let the ego fall away and let go of all the comfortable lies in order to get to the ugly truth. Are you ready to jump out of the tower and face yourself?

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