Between two tulips — @belleartmovement

Between two tulips — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu

my two loves,

they both like tulips,

two lips

I’ve touched in my dreams,

what a bliss!

I bring them flowers every day

but they always send me away.

she likes smoking late at night

find her on the balcony, you might

her heart is always baby blue

why is that, she has no clue!

but she likes tulips

and I like her.

around him the world is never quiet

listening to music usually played at a riot,

he’s always angry and he keeps his silence,

tiredness and sadness live inside him in alliance.

but he likes tulips

and I like him.

my two loves

they both like tulips,

their lips touch

they love each other very much.




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