Do you ever fear too? — @belleartmovement

Do you ever fear too? — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu

Albums full of empty pictures

of what my youth supposed to be,

or at least what it was supposed to look like.

I’m lurking through these profiles

of people who I’ve known,

of people I’ve forgotten about.

Pureness, what a term for the inexperienced,

for them to feel better,

or maybe to feel above the sinful rest.

Sin is sincere.

I’d like to not think clear,

to have a good time, that would be a premiere.

Do you fear you’re getting old too?

Do you fear you’re missing out too?

Sin is sincere.

Sinning alone is no fun,

I wouldn’t know, but my gut tells me

I’m right.

Do you fear not doing the good thing for once too?

Do you fear disappointing people around you too?

So many stories of my life,

I’m the story-teller, never the actor.

Do you ever wonder how would the arms of your lover feel around you?

Do you ever wonder who could’ve you become?

Albums of this person, wondering about life,

hoping it all turns out alright,

going back and forth,

between daydreams and nightmares

of my little unimportant existence.

I want to be truthful,

I want lies running out my mouth,

deep down I’m ruthful,

my thoughts go south,

as I keep myself on the right path.

Afraid of life,

curious of breathing the air of realness.

Punch me real hard, let me feel alive.

Punch me real hard, so I won’t forget I’m powerless.

Do you ever fear I’m not going to find you?

Do you ever fear too?



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