Do you love yourself enough? — @belleartmovement

Do you love yourself enough? — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu

The corner of a mirror is fixed on the image of my right foot, covered in a long pair of socks, traveling its way to my knees. If I move my eyes a little bit up I can spot the bottom of my dress, ending on the mid of my thighs. I spot no curves, maybe if twist my body in a certain way, ah, here it is! The slight arch of the back and the position of my leg create the illusion of a curve.

It’s weird how there’s supposed to be an ideal body for each decade. I can’t change myself every ten years so I can match the aesthetics of that era. Maybe in the 2000’s I would have seen my shape more. I always asked myself, who establishes the best body shape and form you can have in a decade. Women? Men? At this point, I’d blame anybody for trying to make teenage girls and boys insecure about how they look. And not only teens, but adults as well, especially women, who are supposed to stay young for as long as possible.

We’re such fools for getting behind these ideas. Thin today, curvy tomorrow, slim fit yesterday, muscular, not muscular. Insane! When I think about myself the first thing that pops up isn’t my body shape or how I style my hair or my clothes, is what I’ve done and the things I want to accomplish. Same with my friends, their appearance is the last thing I’m concerned about.

When does appearance count? The first time you meet someone, sure! They can interpret a lot of things about you when they first see you. Let’s say, you wear your hair in curls and you have your makeup minimal, but nicely done. That person will probably think you’re clean and organised. On the other hand, if you don’t put in any effort and wear crumpled clothes, the person you meet might think you’re a bit lazy or that you’re laid back (if we’re positive). But, let me tell you, looks don’t mean anything after that, what really shines through is your personality, and that’s what people are going to remember about you. So go work on yourself! Read some books, get into a hobby, listen to new music, get out of the house, try something new.

But self-love doesn’t mean letting go of yourself. Self-love means accepting yourself as you are, ignoring the standards society created so you can feel insecure. Self-love is putting on a nice outfit YOU like. Self-love means saying NO to plans you don’t want join. Self-love means knowing when you had too much on your plate. Self-love is taking care of yourself first and foremost, so you can be the best version of yourself, for you and for others.

Back to the mirror, seeing now my full image, there are things I’d like to change. Self-love it’s a bumpy ride and sometimes you get there, but you don’t stay for long. What matters is that you’re trying to get there and that occasionally you reach your destination.

So go on, start by telling yourself one thing you like about yourself. Give yourself a hug. You have one lifetime on earth, you might as well enjoy the ride and appreciate the body you’ve been given.    




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