Do you make the world a better place for someone? — @belleartmovement

Do you make the world a better place for someone? — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu

I saw a kitty down the street,

shivering in her tiny coat

of fur that has never been brushed,

of fur that has never been touched.

Kitty goes to town every day

as the adventure doesn’t await

for her to be courageous

to live this life that’s outrageous.

There’s no house to come back to,

how a home looks like she has no clue.

There’s no one to be missed,

only I know she exists.

Kitty looks in the glass window of a shop

and discovers with a shock

where her tail and paws should be

there’s arms and legs the colour of black tea.

Kitty’s a pretty brown girl now,

with sparkling eyes hidden by some big brows.

Thin and young, never too tired,

always a little bit too sad,

pretty brown girl’s feeling undesired,

always a bit too lonely, no mom, no dad…

On the bridge, standing over the big water,

she’s overthinking her life problems.

One big jump and there goes pretty brown girl,

kitty doesn’t know how to swim.

Crawling back into her head,

pretty brown girl hopes she’s dead.

She was just a jaded girl,

stuck into a loveless world,

no mother, no father to take care of her,

no friends, no people to caress her.

Pretty brown girl’s wish is fulfilled,

by the cruelty of this world she lays killed.

Pretty brown girl, you’ll be missed,

oh, what a terrible mistake you did!

Only if you crawled back to me,

I would have kissed your untouched cheek,

I would have served you tea,

I would have held you next to me.

So, here is it, for this world that treated you so badly,

I apologize, but this won’t change the past, sadly.




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