Do you want to explore the life of a fashion student? – @belleartmovement

Do you want to explore the life of a fashion student? – @belleartmovement


Do you want to explore the life of a fashion student? 

“Fashion is so much and everything.”

Fashion is often forgotten about in terms of art, some say that clothes are just clothes, or that style is not that important, but let’s face it, fashion is one of the most long-lived form of arts. As I’m far from an expert in this field, I’ve decided to talk to Fatima-Alexandra Husain, a student at Robert Gordon University, declared to be number two in the world for Art and Design. Let’s explore together her life and her passion for what she’s doing.     

Like any artist, she has a love for more than one art, for example music plays an important role in her life, as it is one of the subjects that she had chosen in high school. She had weekly singing, guitar and piano lessons, but fashion crept into her life even earlier: “My mum used to have a sewing machine and I’d always tell her to let me play with it. I remember I used it to make little outfits for my dolls and have a fashion show of my own, I had outfits change in between and everything.” So, now music is a passion she keeps it for herself, and fashion became the major thing in her life.  

From passion to pursuing a career path is a long way, but Fatima tried to picture what her life would look like in five years, that’s when she discovered what she has to do to make her wish come true: “I needed an art qualification to get into college so I turned to my art teacher and told her, I quote,  ‘Miss, we need to get me an art qualification that’s going to get me into college next year, the problem is we only have ONE year.” Safe to say I scared the woman but we managed to do it, I put my blood, tears and sweat in my last year of high school but it was all worth it.’”

Now, she is a second year student at Robert Gordon University, she doesn’t know yet what specific field she’s going to choose, but as for now, her university experience was great and she is at peace with herself: “When people hear that I’m a fashion student they always tell me ‘I could so see you doing that’ or ‘It suits you so much’ and it always makes me happy to hear it.”

Talking about the whole artistic process, Fatima says that she is her own role model, but that she takes inspiration from architecture to nature, she finds beauty within everything, and she sees fashion as a way of expressing your personality and your emotional states. Some names from the industry that caught her attention are Vivienne Westwood, Ales BASK Hostomsky and Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

“It’s just a case of when an idea pops into my head, I do it. Research wise I kind of do it everyday by either going on social media, visiting or going places, reading articles, watching films/ documentaries so it’s not hard for ideas to start flowing.”

When it comes to her projects, she is quite hard on herself, and everything she does wants to be better than what she did before that: “As I keep growing and working on myself, my style and skills, each time I finalise a project I hate looking back as I always find things I would change or better.”

We are looking forward to what Miss. Husain has to offer and we’re hoping to see her on the cover of Vogue or of any high fashion brand, or maybe she’ll branch out and she’ll create her own identity in the fashion world, either way, we’ll remember her piece of advice:

 “As a young artist myself I am not any wiser but one thing I would say is never feel like you can’t express yourself or feel restricted. I know as a student sometimes it is hard to be YOU and you always have those rules and restrictions, just maybe sometimes don’t listen to every single one of them, art can’t be the same for everyone. I know that was and is something I struggled with and frustrates me, sometimes you just have to ignore what other people or teachers have to say about your work and what, from their point of view, would make it look better. Just always be you and express yourself with no limits.”




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