He wasn’t sad, but, sadly, he was in love. Or? — @belleartmovement

He wasn’t sad, but, sadly, he was in love. Or? — @belleartmovement

Teodora Anghel


He wasn’t sad, but, sadly, he was in love.  He feared the most this feeling, above anything else. Just because he didn’t know how to love someone back. He didn’t believe that flowers and kisses are enough, nor dates and compliments. Neither just love for each other. He thought that you have to move mountains for your dear, to offer her a castle and to get her hair full of stars.

Why would he need people next to him? The presence of the others only made him suffer, so he was better off alone. He couldn’t live up to the standards his predecessors had set, and he didn’t want to turn the girl’s life into a miserable one.

That’s why he murdered his love before something could even happen. He looked her in the eyes and did the miserable act with no mercy. No mercy even for him, because, though he didn’t want to admit, he was hurt so deeply, that nothing could heal him soon. He thought this act showed everyone, including him, that he was really strong and merciless. But even he looked back at what he had left behind. Just a look full of indescribable sadness.

Why was his heart aching if he did the right thing? The right thing for whom? Certainly not for him, nor for the girl who had left with tears in her eyes, hurt by another disappointment in love. Oh, love! What an abstract thing it is! So full of paradoxes and impossible things. What a strange thing that suffering is born of love and no one can come to terms with this thought.

Maybe he was completely wrong, believing these concepts, but what could have changed his mind? Not even love had given him an anchor in our world, full of simple love, the best kind of it. Today, princesses no longer want castles, carriages, or priceless gifts. They just want to know that they are loved, that someone is taking care of them, and they just want you to be there. Every minute, in a world just for you two.

But he didn’t know that, and sadly, he was in love.

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