How can you miss someone you never knew? — @belleartmovement

How can you miss someone you never knew? — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu

She walks so fast, even in heels. People get out of her way, looking back at the arch of her back, how she swings her weight from left to right. And when someone doesn’t move, she makes sure she doesn’t apologize for pushing them out of her way. She’s too beautiful to be mad at her, you’re almost glad that she put her hands on you, even in disgust.

Entering the cozy coffee shop, she removes her black coat, resting it on her arm, then she looks around the place, expecting to see her sitting quietly at a table. Ah, there she is, her face is buried in a mug full of marshmallows, causing her chunky glasses to blur. Our main girl takes a sit in front of this shy blondie.

“You’re late,” Ashley says, sweeping her hair behind her elf ears. “Or I came in too early!” she adds quickly after she sees the looks she has been given.

“Considering that it was your wish to see me, I could have arrived at any hour, as I know you would have waited for me, am I mistaken?” she asks, her voice being more of an whisper.

Ashley watched as the woman grabbing the menu, only to look at it for a few seconds. Her nails, long, sharp and covered in a deep dark green, scratched the leather material. She smelled minty, manly, her scent was a bit too rough, but then again, it’s what you would expect her to smell like.

“My father has been asking about you,” she started, only to linger on that thought to see some kind of reaction, “he’s been talking about you since you came to our place. I’m afraid he has fallen for you.”

“He should look for women of his age, and anyway, the group he’s part of… I’m not interested in that.” Her face, although emotionless until now, is coloured by the lips, rising up in an almost smile. “Why did you call me, tell me, I don’t have much patience in conversations, you remember that.”

Ashley brings her hands closer to her chest, fiddling with some locks of her hair. All the words in the world have left her head, leaving her with a blank space. She finds it hard to look up at the beautiful woman in front of her, so instead her mug gets a very intense stare.


“Do you ask me or is that your answer?”

The power this woman has! It was always unbelievable to Ashley, it’s like she filled every empty space. You could not turn, you could not do anything because you know she’d be watching you, you couldn’t say anything, she already thought about that a hundred times before you.

“What are you nostalgic about, Ashley, that has me in the picture?” she asks, slipping a giggle.

Have you ever met someone a couple of times and just remembered them forever? They might slip in and out of your mind, but they are always there, as if something must have happened with that person but it didn’t. You regret not talking to them more, you regret not building a connection, you regret you freaked out and tried to distance yourself from them.

Out of nowhere, you’re trying to fall asleep and their face lights up a whole image in your brain. You walk towards the subway station and you see someone that resembles them, so the whole ride you start thinking about your encounters.

It’s a strange feeling, missing someone you never knew.

“It’s not nostalgia you’re experiencing.”


“How could I know, Ashley? If you don’t speak up, nobody will ever know what you want.”    




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