How lonely are you? – @belleartmovement

How lonely are you? – @belleartmovement

Alina Simu (

How lonely are you? 

He carries himself around the streets of Paris,

going from store to store,

from museum to museum,

from street to boulevard.

The clock strikes midnight and his only wish

is for lonesomeness to stay away,

a simple wish for a man this rich.

His shadow’s the only one who walks besides him,

his only friend, his companion, walking with a limp,

mirroring this man’s walk through the wind.

He gets to his apartment, and with shaky hands and a shakier mind

he walks around as if he’s blind,

as if he doesn’t recognize himself in the mirror,

he feels passing through his body a shiver.

Loneliness is what everybody fears,

nobody’s there to wipe your tears,

nobody’s there to hold you near,

nobody’s there, the room is bare.

Death occurs, uninviting

he feels it besides him as he’s typing,

letters to his family, ended in hopeful lines,

endlessly wishing for better times.

Grim Reaper gets bored of watching this poor soul,

making his life a misery on his own,

so he whispers into his ear:

“Your life on Earth ends in one year”.


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