Illustrating the life of an artist — @belleartmovement

Illustrating the life of an artist — @belleartmovement

by Arina Banu

In today’s article we are introducing, or should we say, we let her introduce herself to the world, Arina Banu, an art lover, a pursuer of hard work and a talented artist.

“Hello, my name is Arina and I am currently a 5th year Medicine student. Even though I adore what I do in college and I would definitely not see myself doing anything else in the future, I could never neglect my first ever love – art. It’s all I’ve ever known and all I’ve ever loved.”

As for most artists, she had artistic inclinations from a young age, when she couldn’t even acknowledge the concept of art.

“My mom would tell everyone the story of how I’ve started drawing before I could even speak properly. So, as you can tell, my passion for art started when I was very young, before I even went to kindergarten. I am incredibly thankful for the teachers in my life that saw my potential and helped me shape myself into the person I am today. They encouraged me to go to contests, to explore my abilities and to get closer to who I really am. They helped me grow – both as an artist and as a human being.”

Growing up, her teenagehood was a time of learning that she happily recalls.

“As time went by, I had to go to high school and as every parent does, mine asked me what I was planning to do with my life. I searched and searched my mind for different ideas and let them know afterwards. My final list included fashion design, graphics, interior design and architecture. It was clear – I was about to go to Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts High School. My parents were still quite reticent but their change of heart happened as I got straight 10’s in the admission exams in high school – drawing and painting. High school was a magnificent period for me. I learned a lot, drew a lot, I explored both this wild world we live in and myself.”

Now, besides being a student, she started using her art not only as a way of expressing herself, but as a way of earning money.

“I’ve recently started my journey as a freelance artist and I’m only discovering where this path is leading. I love the freedom, the way I can easily adapt and mold around my clients’ wishes and eventually exceed them as I love to explore with new styles and techniques. My art speaks for itself. I like to leave room for the mind of the observer to wander around the symbols I use, the concepts I approach and the ideas I express.”

We asked Arina about creativity and where does all of her inspiration for her art come from:

“I find my inspiration in but a ray of sunshine beaming through the leaves of autumnal trees, an insect landing on my window pane or even in a crumpled sheet of paper that looks artsy. Art is everywhere around us and I think it’s up to us to let it all soak in and deconstruct the objectivity of the reality we live in. After all, our perception of the world is who we are, and that includes art in every possible form.”




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