Letter to the moon — @belleartmovement (english version)

Letter to the moon — @belleartmovement (english version)

by Alina Simu

Thrown off Moon in a puddle of water on a piece of ground, heated by the light of a street lamp, you are sneaking above a block of flats to watch over us, the lost teenagers from the park. We light up cigarettes, we put them out in our lungs, sometimes we lose the smoke in a dry cough. Dry cough. Further away from us, under the timbers of an old bench, an old man, dressed in a winter coat on a hot summer night, hears the dry cough and he’s surprised that it didn’t came from him. Under him there are some papers, and at his head there’s a bag stuffed with all the things that he owns. How do you get to this point? How is it possible to have people so disgustingly rich that they can’t physically spend their fortune in one life and at the same time there are a million of copies of that poor old man?

Silver thread sewed Moon, oh how you look over the houses were babies sleep in their nest with their mothers, those same in which the mothers are slammed to the ground, crushed by the strong punches of those they call men. Oh, how the children, who believe in wishes, look upon you, and the ones who fear the darkness are looking for comfort when they see you.

Moon, now ridges free, you froze over a busy street. A club’s exist is found in the middle of it. Girls with infinite legs, undressed or dressed by their lover’s arms, smile listening either to the silence of the road or to a whisper of love. Important people use the back door to get out of the club. With their money filling their pockets, with their parked car, waiting to be chaotically ridden to their two story house. Even the moon is surprised when such a race doesn’t end up in an accident with a young man, tired of delivering food to save some money, driving an even more tired car.

Maybe that’s why the Moon is full only once a month. In the meantime she tries to look away from what’s happening on Earth. I wish she could sneak a peek, looking over my window or wherever I’d be, just to see me, so she won’t forget me, as I seek it in every corner of sky every night of my life. 

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IG: https://www.instagram.com/belleartmovement/

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