Love poem for the undeserving: are you worthy of love? — @belleartmovement

Love poem for the undeserving: are you worthy of love? — @belleartmovement

Alina Simu

It feels like I only go backwards, baby,

this is how the song goes,

as my hopes got up again,

oh no, not again!

This is how the song goes.

This song has a face, and it’s yours,

this song has a little bit of a longer hair,

and more of your charm,

a sprinkle of sadness,

a sprinkle of hopelessness.

Take a step and the song echoes in my head,

like your voice when you call my name.

I’ve realized I was holding onto the hope that maybe

my voice echoes too,

but it was just silence for you.

I’m stuck on a puzzle,

and it looks just like you,

it even has your name.

Are you trying to figure yourself out too?

Some streets, although empty after your departure,

still carry your shadow.

If you leave, stop making it harder.

If you leave, let the streets forget you by tomorrow.

You’re paying visits to my mind in the daylight,

even when I’m busy, that isn’t right.

Your ghostly presence is sometimes a delight,

so, now I wonder: “Can I call you tonight?”

Fidgeting my fingers over the screen that holds your name,

I just know you wouldn’t do the same,

you’ve told me only a thousand times.

I just feed myself lies found between the lines.

No answer, then declined, I’m guessing this is a goodbye.

Drifting off,

darkness of your missing shadow,

empty is the street and the puzzle lays complete.

I was never part of you, as you were never part of me.

We’re reoccurring dreams of what we could have been.

You’re disguised in the form of a love song.

You feel like a good night sleep after a dreamless night.

After holding the sun how could I care about any other star?

But in the far distant galaxy

a brighter star than the sun I see

and I know this one’s waiting for me.




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