Making our lives a living art — @belleartmovement

Making our lives a living art — @belleartmovement

by Irina Păun

Making our lives a living art


If you play it by the book, art is an expression or the application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Art is usually referred to as something big, something revelatory and, most of the time, it’s associated with a well-known creator. But to me, it’s more complex than that. I believe that art is found in our everyday life and routine, in different forms, some more subtle than others.

Crafting is not entirely about some famous paintings and sculptures. There is no correct or wrong way of expressing through creativity, it is, in fact, about those personal choices which all of us are making, whether we realize it or not. It starts from the things that surround us, the places we go to and the people we hang out with, right to the activities that we invest our time and energy into. All of these are leading to the final message we’re putting out there, through social media platforms. It’s like a big puzzle, in which its final image becomes clearer with every new piece added. It doesn’t need to be a life-changing idea, nor to be tangible or expensive, so we could name it art. After all, it’s all about making our lives a living art.

One of the few things that don’t need acceptance is, indeed, art.  People tend to see it differently – it can resume depending on personal vision, on life experiences, moods or feelings, but art is always about emotion and it always represents the person behind it. Humans are portraying themselves and their authenticity in their creations and, certainly, their choices.

There are many ways in which we can find the art in our lives, shaping our personality and setting us apart from the rest. 

From my standpoint, music can say a lot about a person, being a form of art designed by an outstanding creator. However, by listening to his work, we’re creating something for ourselves as well, becoming closer to art simply by our musical taste. Music is, basically the theme song of our lives. The songs we choose to listen to when we are either happy, sad or bored will define ourselves as human beings. Moreover, music helps in expressing the feelings we’re facing at a certain point in life.

Another thing from which some particularities of our personality might be revealed is the way we’re dressing. Fashion is art, there’s no doubt about this. Disregard those well-known brands and their price tags, fashion is about mixing colors, items, and different styles, to the point of us creating some of our own. If there’s passion, so is the hustle. Again, art could meet brand new standards, if, fashion in our case, would be treated as a form of expressing, rather than a business. 

After all, we live in an era where things are in constant change, ruled by the power of information and, of course, the internet. So there’s no obstacle in making ourselves known for who we truly are, for our styles and our signatures, whether we’re talking about music, painting, acting and so forth. We don’t have to create something that was never used before to call ourselves artists or simply original mankind. We have to listen to what seems best for each and one of us because we’re the designers of our own lives.



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