WE WERE KIDS — @belleartmovement

WE WERE KIDS — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu


We were kids and we didn’t know what we had. After a day of running with our friends, chasing the clouds and jumping into ponds, we would come home, thirsty and hungry because our parents wouldn’t let us go out with money on us. But we were happy, even with empty pockets, even though our clothes didn’t match or if our hair wasn’t perfectly styled. We would sit at the table, waiting for mom to put some food on it, looking at dad reading a newspaper, commenting from time to time about some things you didn’t quite understand, but you liked looking at the pictures. 

“Now, put that away, I can’t see your plate. Are we eating or reading?” 

Dad would wink at us and grin, placing his hands on mom’s waist, making her roll her eyes, but smile afterwards. You would get a bit mad, maybe throw a tantrum, there was something unpleasant about seeing your parents showing love, but now you would tear your heart out just to see them smile at each other again. 

You ate quickly in spite of mom’s complains of you to slow down, but no! You have games to play! It’s like you knew that someday, childhood would be over. After dinner, mom washed the plates while dad kept on reading that newspaper from earlier. Now, with that meal ate, you find it hard to go back to playing, so until the food gets settled in the chambers of your stomach, you decide to watch the rising moon from your open balcony. 

Wasn’t the moon a friend as well? It used to follow you whenever you took a car ride, and you could spot it from every window. It seemed that the moon showed up only for you to watch. They said it was made of cheese, but this seemed stupid to you, wouldn’t it melt over Earth if it was made of cheese? You chuckled to that thought. 

“Come on, let’s go take a bath!” Mom called after you from the kitchen. 

Ah, what an evening! Time to wash your dirty feet from running around all day, your toys were waiting in the warm water and you knew mother would be checking on you every five minutes. We’re still kids. We need our warm bath, a full tummy and a hug from mom.  

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