What are the things you love? — @belleartmovement

What are the things you love? — @belleartmovement

Alina Simu

What are the things you love?

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For life is short and we’ll be forgotten, let’s appreciate the little things more. Here are a few things I love:   

-people watching 

-small talk with old ladies

-reading while riding the subway

-running towards a person to hug them 

-tasting the salt on my skin after swimming in the sea

-the echo of music coming from a party 

-listening to people ramble 

-the smell of food coming from the hallway before entering the apartment 

-when someone puts on a song dear to their heart and looks for other people’s reaction 

-going to bed after a day of swimming and still feeling the waves moving you in your sleep

-smiling to strangers 

-wrinkles from smiling 

-hugging someone so tightly that your arms start to hurt and you can still feel them after you walk away 

-being hugged so tight you can barely breathe  

-when people are excited about a new item of clothing they got and they wear it for the first time 

-my sweater that I’ve been wearing for the past six years

-associating songs with people

-someone’s hand on the back of my neck

-telling people I love them 

-being told I’m loved 

-the little smile people have when talking about what they’re passionate about 

-being called by name in a group conversation 

-guitar solos 

-long walks in the middle of the night

-tying shoe laces for other people 

-when people hold hands in front of me


What are the things you love?

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