Where are you escaping? — @belleartmovement

Where are you escaping? — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu

Climbing on the white stairs of the tower

trying to see any window that’s placed lower,

so he could enter the forbidden place,

but through one he spots his lover’s face.

On the window he places kisses,

in between remembering pieces

of her face and frame,

these stuck will be in his brain,

unfolding late at night

in his dreams he’ll catch a sight

of her smiling and laughing, he makes her feel shy.

He waves her goodbye, he’s no longer a spy.

“But come see me tomorrow, would you?”

Her question paints his heart in blue,

she never got to leave the tower

they protect her like she’s a flower.

But flowers die eventually,

the beautiful ones especially.

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