Who runs around your mind? — @belleartmovement

Who runs around your mind? — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu

so soft

so pure

the feeling when I look at her,

when I see her bouncy curls.

so bright

so large

my smile when I look at her,

the little steps that she takes

entering the zone of forbidden dreams,

the starlette of my fever dreams

or so it seems.

so gentle

so delicate

my hand on her waist,

just waiting to get a taste

of that embodied happiness

you know, when I’m with you I’m the happiest.

she wants nothing but to have fun,

laughing and walking around all day,

she knows she always gets her way.

so mad

so defeated

the feeling when I see her sad,

her crystal eyes flood with ice

dissolving in the corner of her eyes.

oh, the spite

when she runs around hearts other than mine

and all I’m left to do is write.

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IG: https://www.instagram.com/alina_bbhm/

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