Why do you choose love? — @belleartmovement

Why do you choose love? — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu

Why do artists use love for their art? Every piece of art has at least an element of love. Think about the music you listen to, how many songs do you know that are not centered around love? I’d say probably very few. As topics go, we relate the most to that feeling of heated cheeks and rumbling stomach when we’re around that special someone.

Think about all the movies that you’ve seen, love is either the main plot or a subplot and if it’s not romantic love is the platonic kind, or even love for the family. We can’t escape it! Wherever we turn we find love, but at times it seems that love doesn’t find us back, which can get frustrating. And maybe that’s why some people further themselves away from art. Art has the mission to makes us feel things, to make us react in some way, but it’s not a good experience every time if we expect only happiness. Sure, you can stick to cheerful little stories, to Christmas movies and to statues of children playing, but then you’re limited to a very poor variety of emotions.

So why love? Because love is cruel, love is frustrating, love means happiness and sadness at the same time, love means holding on and letting go. Love holds the range of a thousand emotions. Why love? Because people are always wondering about it and because artists are humans, so they have mainly the same interests as the other people. Why love? Because we’re courageous enough to let ourselves feel. Why love? Because love is an art itself.

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