Would you like to meet someone again for the first time? — @belleartmovement

Would you like to meet someone again for the first time? — @belleartmovement

by Alina Simu

Moving his feet along the edges of the bricks left outside his apartment complex, he looks over to the empty street. His vision is blurry and each steps he takes feels like floating into an endless space. How can it be so hot in October? He asks himself this while slipping off his cardigan, wrapping it around his boney hips.

Getting to the main road is harder than expected. He licks his lips starting with the upper one then getting to the bottom, bitten and plump. He can only taste ash. Just across the street, he spots a fence that announces an ice cream shop. Behind the glass windows he can’t see anything, so he looks both ways before crossing.

Before entering he checks his pockets for some cash and to his surprise, he finds some, although he always loses his wallet. The door opens with a little bell noise, which makes the server turn around, tying her black apron.  Her electric blue eyes strike him, awakening every little particle in himself. The chemicals in his brain snap and just like that: he’s in love. Her teeth, although a bit crooked, fit her chubby little face.

“What can I get for you, sir?”                                              

 You, he responds in his mind. He gives her a little smile, not sure if she can spot his lazy eyes glazing all over her, shifting to the ice creams containers. He looks over the strawberry scoops and points at that, then at vanilla.

“That, that table”, he says, pointing at the back of the shop. “Can I sit there?”

“Sure, I’ll bring you over the ice cream, yeah?”

He nods and with only a few large steps he gets to the marble table. His slender body feels huge sitting on this little bright pink chair. He can’t find his phone, so he places his hands together on the table and watches her as she puts some whipped creams on his ice cream. The smile is permanent on her face and even when she brings over the order her cheeks don’t get flushed when he keeps staring.

“Do you like it here?” he asks her when she’s ready to leave the table.

“It pays the rent.”

“You know, I live there, over the street. I’ve never seen you before, are you new?”

Her smile gets smaller and he can barely see those crooked teeth.

“I’ve served you every day for the past week, sir.”

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IG: https://www.instagram.com/alina_bbhm/

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